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RADKick, a Rapid Application Development Tool, uses predefined prototyping techniques and tools to produce software applications. It encompasses a graphical user interface (GUI) development environment, allowing users to easily drag and drop required software application components. RADKick uses various tools and techniques to quickly produce minimally coded software applications. In essence prototyping using predefined components, structures and methods to quickly develop applications. RADKick is a code generator.

Drag and drop Bootstrap components. Bind to AngularJS or Knockout by clicking or create plain MVC forms. Make your team more productive, give them the tool they deserve, get more done, and get promotions!

Create them like queries, easy to add validations, Web API 2, Restfull ready.Create knockout observable and put your business logic, it is as easy as you just read this. Easily create angular controllers, services, factories, etc. Ask for a demo!

Behind schedule? Out of date technology?
Bootstrap Ready

Create beautiful and complex forms easily.


Delevelop SharePoint Add-ins easy way, and build them like your enterprise applications, did I say we can deliver it fast! off-course.


Scaffold AngularJS Controllers, Services, Factories, Directive, etc as easy as 1-2-3.

Fast View Model

Create quickly view models without the need of AutoMapper and map them to Entity Framework classes.